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The Story Behind Our Podcast

Behind The Mic

John Lisle

Show Host

Family is numero uno to John and that means you are all la familia. San Antonio Radio legend and today’s top model of hoodie apparel, John Lisle returns to Beaver Cool Aid after a 5 year sabbatical. If you ask us where Steve is one more time…

L.A. Lloyd

Show Host

Two daughters. Surrounded by women in his house. It’s why he does the podcast…he HAS to. L.A. Lloyd has worked at legendary radio stations across the country. You know what he’d rather be doing? Eating grits at some restaurant in North Carolina. 


Drew Bennett

Show Host

Something tells us if things go haywire at The Beaver, Drew will be responsible for it. By the way, when was this picture taken? Has no one documented the Motorhead ‘stache that Drew sports lately? Too afraid you’ll break the camera? Drew runs sales for a large radio software company and we should probably leave it at that. 

About Our Show

Beaver Cool Aid was created in 2012 when three former morning and afternoon radio personalities connected three Central Texas studios together to deliver a podcast for the San Antonio and Austin, TX area. The show developed an early following offering band interviews and intimate chats with reality television celebrities. The show expanded outside of Central Texas and enjoyed a larger listener base after just a few episodes. John, Lloyd and Drew offer nothing more than commentary on today’s topics and the social challenges that allow them to ask the real questions…and by social challenges we mean that John Lisle is totally psycho. Drew has no clue on how to apply a filter and thank God Lloyd is here to hold it together for everyone. Or does he?

John Lisle broadcasts from his home in Central Texas. As a 73 year radio veteran, John built a loyal listener base as half of the Lisle and Hahn show on KISS-FM in San Antonio. Today, he broadcasts on Beaver Cool Aid, embracing the podcast industry but also enjoying the fact that shows are only twenty minutes long now, instead of four hours. 

L.A. Lloyd is a legendary Central Texas radio programmer and on-air personality. Having programmed call letters like KISS-FM and KLBJ-FM, Lloyd has developed a huge following as the king of today’s rock music format. L.A. Lloyd’s Rock 30 Countdown can be heard every weekend on rock stations nationwide. 

Drew Bennett is a thirty year radio veteran who is only here because he can build a website. Drew has several legendary call letters under his belt including KISS-FM, KROX-FM and KNNC-FM. Today, he’s a leading authority on music scheduling, teaching music scheduling workshops to content providers and programmers. Someone needs to buy him a suit and cut his hair.